W for Writing Exercises

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WOkay so I was totally clueless about what to write about for the Letter W … My first thought was to write about Wikipedia (‘cos really it’s such a great site to be able to find info on) but then I realized it wasn’t quite the blogging tip I wanted to share.

Ever since I started my first blog challenge in Aug 2011, I have been on the look out for other blog challenges as well as trying to find new ways to come up with good content for my blog.

Just now it struck me – the only way your blogger voice is going to grow is when you actually try out different forms of writing !  I’ve never actually done an actual writing exercise (like proper writers do) so I can’t tell you what to do with that.  But my perspective of it is that you should be open to writing about things you have never written about and something that is different to your usual content on your blog.  Taking part in a blog challenge is a form of a writing exercise for me and I can’t tell you just how chuffed I am with myself for making it through the challenges !

Here are a few ‘writing exercises’ (or challenges or whatever writing prompts – whatever you want to call them) that you might find useful :

  1. 15 Day Feelings Challenge : you have one word as a prompt for each day and you can write about anything you want
  2. 7 Deadly Sins Challenge : 7 sins, and you need to write 7 things about them in relation to you
  3. 10 Day YOU Challenge : a great way of letting your readers know more about you !

And if you want more check out these links :

  1. 5 Daily Writing Exercises That Can Improve Your Blogging by Mariana Ashley
  2. 365 Picture Prompts from the Creativity Portal
  3. Imagination Prompts from the Creativity Portal 

I hope you find these useful and if you have any writing exercises or tips then please do share them in the comments.

Bottom line – write whatever it is that you want to write about as long it comes from the heart.  Not all of us are professional writers; or can claim to have penned a book or two – but if you put your mind to it – anything is possible.  Happy Blogging folks !