V for Voice

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VHave you noticed that any time you visit a blog – you can almost ‘hear’ the author through their posts ? A few of my close friends who have read my blog have told me that my blog reads exactly as I speak and that’s what they really like about my blog.

Have you ever thought about how your blog sounds to a reader ? What does the tone behind the words say about your blog and what you are trying to actually convey to readers ?

I read this other article ‘Does Your Blog Have a Personality’ by Heidi Cohen that tells you how to create your writers voice.  Check it out when you have a chance.

Diva’s Tips on Finding Your Blogger Voice :

  1. Be Yourself.  Nothing  you can say is wrong because it’s Your perspective.  Some people will agree with you; others will not; some may start a heated debate. But there’s nothing wrong with that.  Your thoughts are original to you; sure – others may think the same thought – but they process it differently to you.
  2. Edit Your Posts.  Every writing tool (MS Word, Live Writer, down to web browsers) have got spell checks installed.  They are there for a reason.  Use them ! It shows a sign of respect to your readers.   The same way – make sure your grammar is correct.  Use capitalization and correct forms of punctuation when forming sentences.. It gives your reader a better experience.
  3. Commit To Writing.  The more you write – the stronger your voice gets.  If you haven’t already done so – set some blogging goals. 
  4. Ask for Feedback.  Let go of your ego and fears and just ask someone for feedback; and take it with a pinch of salt.  Bloggers are a friendly bunch – if you ask for help – they help.  If you need motivation – they give you that little push to get your feet in motion.
  5. Experiment With Content.  If you’ve got a favourite author, give their writing style a shot. Try a new template / blog design; a writing format; make a few lists; a book or movie review; or just a post linking to your favourite bloggers.

These are just a few tips for now.  Have you found your blogger voice as yet ? Yes. No. Maybe. Somewhere in between perhaps ? Not that I’m an expert – but thought I’d put together a few words of wisdom to help you determine your status.  After all – its Your Voice – Your Blog – Your Blogger Voice.

p.s if you aren’t afraid to do it – you can actually create actual voice recordings and upload to your blog (my friend @DragonBlogger does this with some of his poetry) or You Tube videos for your blog and that way people can put your face to your voice !