F for Follow Friends on Face Book

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Blogging is fun – it’s even more fun when you have blog friends.  When I started blogging I never thought I would make the kind of blog friend I have made today.  I’ve F2(virtually) met some some amazing people via their blogs, and we have managed over time (and tweets) to develop a friendship which I can’t explain.

A friendship that comes about when individuals connect on the basis of their thoughts; perceptions and outlooks on life without having met but yet knowing that these are the people who you want in your life.

Friends in the Blogosphere will be your support system – the kind who will always find ways of motivating you without you even asking for it.  Our blogs may be very different to each other but we can appreciate each others’ thoughts.  We tweet, we ‘talk’ via Facebook and via our comments. 

So how does one go about making Friends in Blogosphere ? To start with – ‘follow’ their blogs via the RSS feed, book mark the blogs you really enjoy, and de-lurk yourself by leaving comments on their blogs.  Let the blogger that inspires you / motivates you / makes you come back for more – know that you appreciate their posts. 

Then you can following them on Facebook and Twitter.  A lot of bloggers share their Facebook profile links and anonymous bloggers share their Facebook Page – so make sure you connect with them there.  I follow at a dozen or so bloggers on Facebook – now we are ‘Facebook Friends’ (so we actually know each others ‘real’ faces) and I follow their Fan pages as well.

On Twitter there’s a cool trend of #FF’ing someone – that means ‘FollowFriday’ i.e. if you see a #FF and someone’s Twitter ID that means the person who tweeted is suggesting you ‘Follow’ them.  I use this whenever I really enjoy a particular blogger and I add a bit of a personal line to this so others can see ‘why’ they should also follow that person.

Have you made any good blogger friends ? Do you chat to them online or do you also take chats offline (i.e blog meet-ups, tweet-ups, video chat on skype) ? Do you have a Facebook Fan Page for your blog ? If you do – please share it in the comments so I can swing by there.  My FB blog page is relatively new but you can check it out here.  Do you use the #FF tag on Twitter at all ?