T for Timely Tweets

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TMy last post for covered scheduling posts for your blog.  Today I’m going to talk about how you can stay connected with social media by using this very cool site called Timely.is

I discovered it a while ago and honestly – its made life so much easier especially when I’m swamped with work and I don’t want to leave my social media platforms blank.

With Timely.is one can decided whether you want to auto-publish posts 3, 5, or 9 times a day from this one site directly to your Twitter profile.  Since I don’t always have the time, I managed to post my tweets to my Facebook page for my business account and that way managed to always have my FB & Twitter page updated.  The added bonus is that you get statistics on how many people have clicked any links you have shared; how many people have RT’d your tweets / posts and how many people have you ‘reached’ out to.  Lastly, instead of you having to think about what time you should schedule your post to go up – the site tracks your tweets from the past and pre-determines what time is the best time for your new posts to go out at ! How cool is that ??!!

I personally think its a fab way of being able to pimp your blog without being too OTT.  I use it to ‘tweet’ my old posts / most popular posts and of course other bloggers posts so that my Twitter timeline doesn’t look too deserted. 

Have you ever used Timely.is before ? Do you use any other platform to schedule your tweets & posts ?

Diva’s Discovery

There’s another site called Dlvr.it which I also use and that automatically publishes your blog posts to your Twitter, FB & Linked In profiles when you put up a new post.