S for Scheduling Your Posts

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Just the other day, I wrote about Quality vs Quantity of posts and prior to that I’ve gone over how we must maintain original blog content

Have you found that sometimes you are on a total blogging roll – everything seems to be inspiringS2 you and before you know it – you have got 4-5 ideas that you can make into blog posts.  So all these posts are ready but ‘now what’ ? Do you post them immediately ? Do you come back to them in a day or two or even the next week to post them ?

I’ve been there and guess what – sometimes I’ve forgotten that I have this awesome post sitting in the drafts and that post has gone unpublished for the longest time.  That sucks especially if it is a post that was probably more relevant to have been published earlier (maybe ‘cos it related to another post you had / it was in time for a new movie release / had something to do with what has been going on in the news – you get my drift here)

During the course of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that took place in January this year – I discovered that ‘scheduling’ my posts was really a God-send !  Blogger & Wordpress both offer this service and if you use Windows Live Writer like I do – then that has it as well.  The best part is being able to review & edit your posts prior to publishing (even though its technically already published)

Some of my posts for the A to Z Challenge were all written up on my free days and due to my ad-hoc work timings – I set up the posts to be scheduled to be published at different times each day so that I didn’t miss out on my posts. 

What are your thoughts about scheduling posts ? Have you done that in the past ? Are you going to be scheduling any posts during the Ultimate Blog Challenge ? Have you figured out when is the best time to ‘schedule’ your posts for ?