Z for Zeal & Zest

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Just writing a word like Zeal and Zest looks kinda funny as part of a blog title.  At least I managed to come up with something other than ‘zzzz’ (which is really how I’m feeling after 26 posts for the A to Z challenge)

ZThis is gonna be short & sweet.  Your blog is all about you and your blogger voiceLet it be heard.  Let your zeal and zest for your blogging come out in every post that you write.  If you can’t express yourself on your blog – then what’s the point ?

And most importantly, don’t ‘zeek out’ i.e. don’t lose control of yourself / don’t freak out !  Blogging is meant to be fun – so smile and just do it ! 

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !! The A to Z Challenge is finally complete !

p.s. I promise ‘zeek out’ is a real word in the dictionary !