X for Xcited About Xanadu

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XThat caught your attention right ? My attempt at a slightly humourous heading considering I couldn’t think of anything quirky to go for an X tip.  Damn it’s a really hard letter to come up with things for !

In case you don’t know .. Xanadu is an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place (according to the Webster dictionary) … and that’s what my blog is for me .. its my idyllic place, my haven to just let myself go !

You should be super eXcited about your blog – I know I am about mine and about the ones I read.  I’m forever pimping out blogs of my favourite bloggers to anyone who wants new reading material and its always good to hear that other people I know are checking out my blog.  I love connecting with new readers via their comments and feedback.

I often find that I lose myself in my blog … especially when I’m on a roll .. sometimes I can’t type my thoughts up fast enough because there is just so much going on.  Do you find yourself in that mode ? Its a place where I can express myself without any reservations at all .. do you notice that on other social media platforms there’s a certain degree that we hold back when it comes to really saying what is on our mind ? 

How Xanadu is your blog for you ?