2010 : The Makeover Begins

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It only took a few days of hunting around – and countless hours testing templates .. but I managed to finally narrow it down to this one.

In keeping with my New Year Resolutions – this is a first step towards creating a more customized design for my blog.  It’s not 100% me .. In fact I don’t even know how many % me this template is .. however it did catch my eye and I have settled on on it (trust me I tried & tested over 20 designs) – so there must be a fair amount of me in the design. 

MakeoverMonday This is technically the third blog makeover (if I disregard the standard template when I first started blogging); and all 3 have been quite different from each other.  I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback on the current and previous design. 

Is there anything I can change .. or do you know anyone who could help me with a blog makeover without damaging my pockets too much ? I’m already digging deep for my birthday party – but more on that later.

I still need to tweak it a bit … and any advice would be great !  There are 3 things I’d like to do :

  1. Change the font for the header text to Segoe Print – but every time I try to change the existing font family – nothing happens =(  Which font family does it belong to ? Any ideas ?
  2. Increase the overall size of the borders of the template so that the entire blog is a bit broader in width
  3. Increase the borders for the 2 columns on the right (currently one of my awards is getting cut off *sniff*sniff)

So if anyone out there reading this in blogosphere – and knows some secret HTML CSS codes that can solve my 3 issues -  pleeeeeeeeeeease do !

Until then – hope you enjoy the new layout and design .. and it doesn’t traumatize your eyes so much so that you would not come back !!! If you really really really really really hate it – then let me know and I’ll try to find something more pleasing on the eye ;)

p.s  I found the above image over at MyBlogMakeover who has some easy tutorials on how to customize designs into your blog background; and since it IS Monday .. the image was perfect to add to the post :)



Anonymous said...

<3 the new look!! :D

a lil suggestion...maybe u can reduce the right hand column (?)so as to make it appear less cluttered... it will also make for easy reading of your posts!! :D

much love!!

yannibmbr said...

Love the look of your blog! Nice, clean complimentary earth colors. =)

Dazediva said...

@Prutha .. thanks for the feedback :) Am actually looking for a way to customize the top header tabs so I can move some things out of the right side

@Yannibmbr aka Urbandater .. thanks for dropping by & your feedback. I'm quite a fan of earth colours - maybe that's why this design appealed to me. I particular like the wavy branch leaf look :)

The Singlutionary said...

Great! I need to give my blog a makeover but I could not find a template that would work for the life of me. I am waiting for inspiration.

This is a very different look but I like it. It is more simple and clean! More sophistocated!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Cool!!!! And you are doing this yourself? I am impressed! I tried inject my blog with bloggy botox, a nip and tuck here and there, and it turned out evil, like one of those Bratz(sp?) dolls.
I had to hire someone to do it for me now. This HTML language thing is just not for me..

Can't wait to see the end product!

Vishal Pipraiya said...

The redesign looks good. It does descend into chaos once you split the right side column into two more. Try putting in:
< div align="center" >
at the beginning of your custom HTML widgets. It should center them in their respective columns and give a more structured look. I am about to redesign my blog as well. Not very happy with the current iteration. Cheers to us! :)

Vishal Pipraiya said...

For < div align="center" >, make sure you remove the space after < and before >

Kabir said...

Just discovered...a very kool blog, though the template somewhat does not gel to well...my opnion!

Dazediva said...

@The Singlutionary .. Thanks for the feedback; I definitely needed a change for a while now (my problem is that I get bored very easily!) and finally came across something that I'll be able to keep looking at for a few months :)

@WSG .. I wish it were all by myself ! I've gotten the main design from a free template; and just tweaking some of the codes myself (the easy stuff). If I want it just 'right' then I have to hire someone .. so now the hunt is on !

@Vishal .. thanks for the tip ! will definitely try it out .. I quite like your design - simple and sleek :)

@Kabir .. welcome to my blog :) it's interesting that you say that the template doesn't gel well .. in what sense do you mean ? was it something you read in particular or something else ? would love to know your thoughts.

Gautam said...

The template looks fantastic! Though wish that the actual post had more space on the screen. Also with your new template, the text of your post does not show up on Google Reader, which I use to follow your blog.Though I have no clue on how you can rectify that :(

Karishma Sundaram said...

Divs, the blog design is fab. But because your font colour is white, it doesn't display in Google Reader! I thought you'd just pasted a few pictures before I selected the text.

Please consider changing the font colour?

Dazediva said...

@Gautam .. thanks for that; I am actually trying to figure out how to expand the actual post box .. I feel where you are coming from on this !

@Karishma .. Happy 2010 sweety; so you're the 2nd one to tell me it doesn't show on Google Reader .. The natural template font colour is a light colour & I had changed it to white .. Will try another colour and lemme know if it works .. I'm just thinking what on earth other than white or a cream would look 'nice' on this background !

Unknown said...

third to tell tht your post is completely unreadable in google reader?