I for Ideas, Inspiration & Infographics

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Ideas & Inspiration

All blog posts stem from an idea or a thought which our fingers tap out into posts via the keyboard.

Do you ‘think’ about what your blog posts are going to be about or do you just let your creativity take over ? Or do you get an ‘ah ha’ moment and you know that’s what your next post is going to be about.

Sometimes I get inspired by other blogs I read – and I feel that I could definitely add another perspective to the general idea & thought behind that post.  I started participating inI memes such as #MusicMonday and #WordlessWednesday ‘cos I found that I certain music and photographs just tend to inspire me to pour out my emotions / thoughts.

I love the idea behind the A to Z Challenge because you’ve basically been given an outline of what you have to do – and now the world is your oyster and you can choose to write about anything.  I’ve come across blogs that are using the theme to list the best movies; favourite music artists; give writing advice; introducing characters from a fiction novel; and even relationships.  It’s fantastic.

Where do you get your blog ideas from ? What inspires you the most ? What inspired the theme behind your A to Z challenge posts ? Do check out my posts 712 Topics You Can Write About and Never Run Out of Blog Ideas Again


I’m sure you’ve seen them floating around cyber space – I find them pretty cool.  Did you know that cave paintings are considered to be the first infographics ? How cool is that ?

I quite admire anyone who is able to create an infographic – especially for complex information that needs to be easily understood.  I tried doing a basic one just for myself and gave up half way ‘cos it was getting too detailed (and really I am quite useless at using advanced Photoshop or any other creative software)

Do you use any infographics in your blog posts ? Have you tried to create one before ? If you are the creative designer type and use various software for designs then you should check out Inkscape

Diva’s Discovery

I personally really liked ‘Visual.ly’ for creating infographics because the interface is simple and easy to use.  Have you ever used it before or heard of the site ?  Here’s a funky infographic I made with the help of the ‘create’ feature on the site (they also have templates to guide you from)

create infographics with visual.ly