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NLet’s be honest here – if you are a blogger, then you are already in a way – a bit of a networker.  It may be in your personal life, or work life – and now due to blogging / because of blogging you’ve started networking.

Networking is a fab way to make friends in blogosphere.  It’s also a really easy way for you to pick up on new ideas that you can use to create new content for your blog.

When I talk about networking – I don’t mean just add someone to your blog roll / Twitter.  I’m talking about actually connecting with other bloggers via all platforms available to you.  When you discover a blog post that really leaves you gobsmacked or awestruck – make sure you de-lurk and let the blogger know that you appreciate what they have to say.  If they have a Facebook page for their blog – then ‘like’ it and share it with your FB network.  If they are on Twitter – then tweet with your favourite bloggers; RT their posts; interact via tweets with them – have an actual conversation outside of your blog (I’ve actually met a few of my Blogger & Twitter friends in real life as well)

I managed to get some great new content for my blog by asking my network if anyone wanted to write a guest post for me.  The response was overwhelming and I have new content that is different to my regular style of writing – which in turn gained me a few new readers.

Do you network with your blogger peers ? What’s your preferred way of communicating with them ?  Do you ever seek their help when you feel a creative stump ?

Diva’s Discovery

Networked Blogs is a simple and fun user generated blog directory that lets users gain more exposure for their blogs.  Your blog gets it’s own page, a listing in the Networked Blogs directory and its easy syndicated to Facebook and Twitter (which means once you publish your post to your blog, it automatically gets posted to your FB and/or Twitter page as well).

Check out Michelle Shaeffers’ post How To Add Your Blog To Networked Blogs’ – I’m sure you’ll find it useful.