K for Key Words

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KToday’s post is inspired by my twitter friend @panku_  He totally reached out to me within 5 minutes of me tweeting yet another plea for help last night.

When I first heard about key words – I was a bit confused.  I mean it sounded simple enough but every other website was talking about how important it was, and how it should be used and how it affects search rankings .. a bit over my head to be honest.

Basically keywords are those specific words which are searched in a search engine.  If you open Google now and type in ‘Blogging’, you will get a few options of ‘key words’ that people use when searching for topics related to blogging.

If you use your keywords correctly – search engines can provide you with a free source of targeted traffic to your website or your blog.

Diva’s Guide for Using Keywords

  1. Place key words in your content copy. The best places to use keywords are in your Post Title, Headline, Sub-Headings, First and Last paragraph.  Of course you can also use variations of them in the body of your text
  2. Place keywords in your Meta Tags.  So meta tags are in the HTML part of your web design (and really if I knew how to explain this any easier I would).  There is something called ‘title’ and ‘description’ and you have to include a short concise description of your blog / site / page over here. key-word-resume
  3. Place keywords in your ALT tags i.e. photo tags.  So if you’re blog / site is about pet care, and you if a picture of a dog on a comfy dog basket then your tag should read something like ‘only the best for your pet’
  4. Place keywords in your domain name and page title.  This is important for people who have their own domain names.  You can get a lot of directed traffic out of this.  e.g. if you have a pet sitting service in Dubai then your domain name can be ‘www.dubaipetsitting.com’ (this is friends’ company).  Search engines tend to find these first.

Do you consciously use key words when writing your blog posts ? Now that you know about it – do you think you might have subconsciously done it ?

Please do share any tips or insights based on your experience on how one can incorporate key words into their blog posts.