Relationship Advice for Lottery Winners

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What happens when you win the lottery and you are in a relationship?


A lottery win could give people everything they had ever dreamed of if their numbers come in - but for many people this massive sum of cash can raise issues about a spouse or partner.

Seek Financial Advice

The first thing an individual or couple - whether married or not - should do when they realize they now have a million (or more) in the bank is seek the expertise of a financial adviser.

Such a professional can help them put together a plan of action for their money and may help those who disagree about such matters with their partner.

For instance, if a household is run by one individual who likes to shop and indulge in nice meals and day trips, while the other is a stickler for thrift and saving, a financial adviser can help them reach an agreement over how best to use the money, allowing both parties to put the money where they want it.

Furthermore, these professionals can help couples invest their winnings in such a way that it safeguards their future together.

Dating does not equal Dollars

Hopefully, the vast majority of lucky lotto fans will be able to share their money with a loving other half, allowing them to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations together - but what about when the garden is not so rosy?

According to a case in Florida, a judge ruled that a spurned lover was not entitled to any of his ex-girlfriend's $1 million Florida Lottery prize, even though they had lived together for a number of years.

Judge Alan Dickey stated that an agreement would have to be put in writing between both parties if they were to share the fortune in the event one of them struck lucky.

For richer, for poorer

And even wedlock cannot guarantee a jackpot is split between estranged spouses, because a case in Scotland - which has a different legal system to England and Wales - resulted in one man being told he was not entitled to half of his wife's £35 million after he moved out.

However, the individual was lucky, as his ex decided to share her money with him in spite of their split.

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