Your Vagina Is NOT Fair Enough

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Yup you read that right, and after you watch this video for ‘Clean & Dry Intimate Wash’ you’ll agree that someone needs to shoot the entire creative team behind this ridiculously retarded advert that is now trying to tell Indian women that not only does your skin have to be fair for you to be a perfect partner; but now your freaking vagina has to be fair too !!

Like WTF is wrong with society ??? Who cares what colour any ones’ vagina is ? I’m pretty sure that no guy thinks ‘ooooh she’s hot, I hope her vagina is fair & lovely’ or ‘Hmm she looks like she might have a dark vagina, I shouldn’t ask her out’

As you can see the couple in the video are quite ‘fair’.  They are sitting there having a coffee whilst the woman is looking like she’s about to burst into tears (I wonder why).  The guy goes about his coffee without even glancing up at her.  She’s still looking like someone has died (or has an upset tummy) and voila – she has a solution.  It’s off to the showers for her were she uses a magically whitening and lightening intimate wash so that her vajayjay can become all shiny so as to attract the attention of her husband !! Before you can even blink at the absurdity of it all, she’s out prancing about on the sofas so that the her newly white vag is in her hubbys’ face aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the best part is that she is now comfortable enough to stick the keys into her shorts just so her hubby can reach in and unlock the new magical white vag !

It’s bad enough that the Indian society is full of stereotypes – the biggest being that one  has to be fair to be accepted and appreciated by members of the opposite sex; and that women particularly must maintain their radiant white skin tones (how many ‘white’ Indians have you come across recently ??).  But to come up with this ridiculous product to ‘lighten and whiten your vagina’ – it’s just too much !!

Women as a whole are always under pressure to look the part, dress the part, act the part – to be that perfect woman that all guys want – and now to tell them that their most intimate body parts are ‘too dark & ugly’ and needs fixing is just too much !! I canvagina cupcakes’t even begin to imagine the kind of complexes some Indian women will begin to feel after seeing this commercial.  It’s bad enough they aren’t comfortable with their bodies; but now to have to sit and think ‘is my vagina the right shade of pink’ – that’s just WRONG on so many levels that it makes my blood boil !!

Oh and now the Indian male chauvinist pig who enjoys putting his woman / woman around him down – after seeing this commercial – will think it’s his God given right to tell a woman ‘sorry, your pussy is too dark so I can’t go down on you – that just means more blowjobs for me’  aaaaaaaaaaaaaargghhh !!!! I swear to you this is the new line a man could/would use to avoid going down on a woman.  If a man EVER told me that my coochie was too dark and needed lightening, I would just decline & deprive him of pussy privileges and throw his sorry ass out !!

The unfortunate thing is that this ridiculous product can capitalize on the fact that people within the Indian societies have inferiority complexes and hence will actually buy the product !! I just hope to God that none of the Bollywood celebrities actually try to endorse this product – ‘cos then the herd mentality will commence !

What are your thoughts on the subject ? Do you believe that celebrities should endorse products that somehow impose an inferiority complex on the population ? Don’t we have other things to worry about in an already very complex world ?

Guys – seriously – have you ever thought about the shades of vaginas that you are interested in ?  Does it even matter to you ? I would hope that you would dissuade any woman from ever using such a product.  In fact, since it’s Cake & Cunnilingus day tomorrow – show her that a real man wants to eat his pussy au naturel !

Disclaimer : I’m aware that there are fairness products available in the US / Europe for the same thing – but it’s not something that is endorsed the way it is in India.

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Pankaj Ahuja said...

This is so idiotic to hear. Never knew such a stupid product and even more stupid tvc exists. As a guy I have never even thought about the color. This is lame. Also I hope all the girls worried about their color of vagina get awesome heads tomorrow for C & C day to realise that color is not important AT ALL!