Y for YouTube

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YI was going to originally use this post for V (video content) but then decided to go with Voice (blogger voice that is) instead. 

Have you noticed how popular YouTube videos are these days ? Almost everyone I know has a YouTube account – even if it is to just ‘like’ other peoples uploads.  Video content is one of the best methods of engaging readers on your blog.  They have to hit play and discover what the video has to convey and most of the time readers will stick around right to the end.

I’ve used videos a few times in my posts – mainly for my #MusicMonday posts but sometimes when I find a really creative advert or something else that inspires me to write a post – I tend to share those. 

There are blogs that I visit that use videos and these are the actual blog authors who are coming in front of the camera and recording messages to their readers or just simply showcasing ‘how to’ tutorials (which honestly is quicker to grasp than reading paragraphs of text).  I haven’t made my own video content as yet – maybe one of these days I’ll get around to it. 

If you have your own YouTube account – you can share and embed the links into your blogging platform; and hopefully also increase your subscription base to your YouTube channel. LiveWriter, Blogger & Wordpress allow you to upload videos quite easily.

The only drawback I find about watching videos on blogs is that sometimes it slows down the browsing experience if the videos are buffering; and sometimes content is not available in certain countries.  Hmmm that’s only 2 reasons not to use videos versus 23 Reasons To Add Video To Your Blog. 

What are your thoughts ? Do you use any sort of YouTube or other video content on your blog? Why (or why not)? What do you like and dislike about video on other people’s blogs?