L for Linky Love

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LLinks are awesome.  I enjoy clicking on links within articles or blog posts that provide ‘further reading’ links that are relevant to the topic on hand.  It’s a way for me to discover new blogs as well.

A Back-Link is exactly what it sounds like – a link coming back to your own blog or website.  It could be from another blog or website to your own; or an external link from someone else. 

Diva’s Guide to Giving & Receiving Linky Love

  1. Links to Posts that you have referenced.  I tend to link back to blog posts that might have inspired my own post and I make it a point to also inform the blog owner that I will be doing so / or have done so.  It makes them feel good and you’d be surprised at how often those bloggers will pimp your blog post for you just ‘cos you’ve mentioned them and given them credit. link-to-me
  2. Link back to your own related posts.  Linking within your own blog is a great way to boost your blogs SEO, and to showcase your other blog content to your readers.  You can go a step further by using key words that relate to posts that you’re going to be linking back to so as to further boost your blog SEO.
  3. Link back after Comments.  Most of the time, when you leave a comment on a blog, there is a feature that lets you leave your blog link.  Make sure you do this ‘cos you never know who might be interested in reading your last post.
  4. Become a Guest Blogger or Invite a Guest on your Blog.  I encourage any blogger doing a guest post for my site to include a link to their website and to their FB and/or Twitter; and the same has been asked of me when I have guest posted for other blogs.

What do you do to increase your back-links ? Do you use any of the suggested methods above ? Do you offer a link exchange feature on your blog ?

Diva’s Discovery

A while ago I came across ‘Comment Luv’ – it’s a plugin that can be used with Wordpress and Blogger blogs which allows the person commenting to choose to display not only their name, but any one of their last 10 blog posts.  Now that’s an easy way to create and increase links to and from your blog.  Check out this nifty video to get a better idea about it.

p.s. if you use Intense Debate as a commenting system like I do – you just have to go to your dashboard and activate CommentLuv

p.p.s the ‘Love’ part of this post was inspired by @MystiqueWanderr and @Mate1