J for Just Do It

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Before I started the A to Z Challenge, I knew I was going to faceJ trouble with some of the alphabets for my theme (which is the A to Z of Blogging – Diva Style … oooh I like the sound of that!)

I sent out a plea tweet yesterday as I still didn’t have any topic to write about and then one of my favourite bloggers @TheHopefulRom came to my rescue with the suggestion for today’s post ‘Just Do It’ ‘

TheHopefulRom thought it would be apt ‘For anyone who's spent ages thinking about blogging but has been too afraid’ – Just Do It.

It’s perfect and makes for a great post.  So I’ve come up with a few scenarios where the motto ‘Just Do It’ will get you motivated enough to keep you going.

Here’s the Deal. You’re new to the blogging world, and you want to get your blog noticed.  What do you do ? Blog, Blog and Blog on ! Just do it ‘cos if you don’t, no one will know you’re out there.

Here’s the Deal.  You want to experiment with your blog content to show off your witty sense of humour but aren’t sure if your readers will like it. Just do it ‘cos someone out there in blogosphere is going to enjoy your post.

Here’s the Deal. You’ve been reading about blog challenges but don’t know if you will be able to complete it.  Don’t be afraid. Just do it how else will you know if you can or can’t complete it.

Here’s the Deal. Are you afraid of leaving comments on other blogs ? Just do it and de-lurk ! Trust me – you won’t regret it.

Here’s the Deal.  You want to write about a potentially controversial topic / you are infuriated by something but afraid to blog about it / you’ve been inspired by an idea that could just turn the heat up on your blog .. but you hold yourself back.  Just do it – blogs are meant to be an outlet for you to express yourself; it’s your blog after-all.

Here’s the Deal.  You’ve made your blogger friends that you follow them on FB and/or Twitter and you would love for them to Guest Post on your blog but afraid / embarrassed to ask.  Just do it – not only will the other blogger be flattered they would also appreciate that you think highly of them. 


Just Do It.  3 very powerful words.  So whether you are a newbie or a native in blogosphere, whenever you find yourself in doubt (in similar situations to above; not for when you’re thinking about raiding a bank or jumping off a cliff) – just do it ! What’s the worst thing that could happen ?

Disclaimer : Neither TheHopefulRom or myself are promoting Nike or blogging on their behalf.  This thought can be traced back to the Tweets between THR & myself on 10th April 2012. 

(I’m trying to be funny – is it working ?)