G for Goals & Guest Posts

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We all have semi pre-defined goals in mind when we decide to do something. That’s why we are doing whatever it is we are doing right ? Blogging is no different.  Think about why you blog and what you want to achieve out of it and your goals will be right in front of you.

Scenario 1

Goals are meant to be short, concise and a perfect combo of not too general and not too narrow.  Take one main goal with a subsidiary goal and you’ll be fine.  Once those are defined you’ll even be able to pin-point the kind of ideal reader that you want coming to your blog.

Every year, my blog goal is to write more than I did the year before which I have managed to do and its a great kick when I cross a certain post threshold ! (This post is #566).  What’s your blogging goal ?

Guest Posts

Scenario 2

  • Question : ‘Why do you blog’ ?
  • Answer : to let the universe know what’s on my mind & to spread my message across cyber space (and the real world)
  • Question : So what are you doing about it ?
  • Answer : I’ve made blogger friends and I plan to / want to write a few guest posts too ! That’s when you know people like your writing – right ?

When I first started blogging – I would come across all these blogs and see guest posts written and think ‘damn, I wonder if I will ever get to write a guest post for someone’ …Aaaaaaand I did ! I lost my guest post cherry in March 2011 and since have even invited other bloggGuest_Blogger__ers to be my guest too !

It was all a bit overwhelming at first but then I realized it’s because of my interactions with the other bloggers, did I get the invite to do a guest post.  These were bloggers whose blogs I always left comments on; we were always tweeting together on topics non-blog related and encouraging each other as well.

So if you are thinking about guest posting for another blog – don’t fear.  Just drop the blog author an email, tell them how much you enjoy their blog and that you’d love to guest post for them if they are interested; leave a link for your blog and hit that send button.  Then make sure you send that blogger a quick tweet to let them know they have mail :)

Have you ever written a guest post for another blog ? What was your experience like ? How did you feel ? Do you invite guest posts from others on your blog ?

Diva’s Discovery

There’s a great site I discovered called MyBlogGuest.com where you can register and find thousands of readily available guest posts across various subjects that are available for your blog.  All you have to do is inform the blog author you want to feature a post that catches your attention; if the author agrees – then there is a time frame within which you must publish the post.   I’ve gotten some great guest posts out of this site.