R for Read, React & Respond

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Read, Read & Read Some More R

Blogging isn’t just about writing your own blog and letting people find you in Blogosphere.  It’s also about ‘reading’ other blogs ! Yup – you know all those other thousands of blogs that exist out there.  You’ve got to read them (ok not all of them but you need to make the time and do some blog stalking).

Who knows what kind of blogging techniques you will discover just by visiting other blogs.  Maybe you even ‘discover’ the next big blog that carries trends that people can’t wait to find out about.  The more you read the more you tend to get inspired – and hey inspiration is something we all look out for ! Reading other blogs also gives you the chance to make some great blogger friends.

React & Respond

So reading other blogs sounds easy right ?  Errrrrrrrrm WRONG.  If you read 20 blogs a day but don’t ‘react’ and ‘respond’ to them  (i.e leave comments by de-lurking) then what’s the point of reading those 20 blogs ? How are those folks going to know you thought their post was absolutely fantastic and totally expressed your own perspective on the topic in ways you couldn’t do yourself ??

rrj-read-react-respondDuring the course of this challenge, I’ve mentioned that it’s very important to engage your readers and to at least respond to comments that you get on your blog.  The other thing you’ve got to do is also ‘react’ by responding to other blog posts you read by leaving comments for them.

It’s quite an easy mantra.  Read. React. Respond.  (oh and feel free to pimp the blog that you react the most too – the blog author would love you for it)  Now imagine if everyone was networking that way – how many new connections would we all make ?

How many blogs do you read on a daily basis ? Or do you keep your blog reading for the weekends ?  Do you react with a response when you come across an interesting blog post ?