H for Humourous Headings

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Have you ever found yourself clicking a link to an article just because the headline / heading caught your attention ? We’ve all done it – I know I definitely do it.  Sometimes the articles are worth it – and sometimes I think ‘erm why am I here again ?’

More often than not – people will read an article based on the heading alone.  It doesn’t matter how much you pimp your new blog posts via Social Media – if the title doesn’t strike peoples’ interest it’s unlikely they will read the whole post. 

Try to use a headline that makes people sit up and H-11notice (also as an opportunity to connect with a potential new reader).  Easier said than done unless you are a stand up comedian … which brings me to my next point …


Humour is very important in a blog (or at least that’s what I think).  I try to incorporate ‘me’ in my posts and that sometimes involves a bit of sarcasm and a few funnies.  Anyone with a sarcastic streak will catch the undertones in my posts but its not meant to be evil – it’s just my way of being kinda funny. 

I reckon any reader – irrespective of age, gender, race, & geographic location – can appreciate humour in a blog.  And there are some wickedly funny blogs out in Blogosphere. 

Do you tend to appreciate most types of humour ? If you had to pick your top  10 blogs from your blog roll – how would you rate them on average on the humour front ?