K for Kissing

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kiss meAdmit it – you thought I might go with Kamasutra or Kinky for this post didn’t you ?


Kisses.  Kissing.  I love to kiss.  A kiss can leave you weak in the knees.  A kiss can make you want to melt into your partners arms.  Kissing is the basic building block of intimacy.  Kissing is one of the first ways we connect to someone sexually (other than being physically attracted to them).  Kissing releases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline and oxytocin; also known as the love (or bonding) hormone in our bodies.  No wonder kissing makes you feel so connected to the person.   There’s something about a passionate kiss that cannot be articulated by words or replicated by sex.  


Kissing is the kind of foreplay that one should never ever skip out on !  I’m a big fan of French Kissing – add a bit of nibbles on the lower lips; running my tongue across the roof of my partners mouth (trust me, this is a major turn on – try it on yourself, the roof of your mouth is packed with nerve endings that will feel like you are having mini explosions in your mouth); and then alternating between soft lip kiss and some tongue action.   Kissing shouldn’t be restricted to just on the mouth.  I love being kissed on my neck and anywhere on my back ! It gives me tingles and makes my toes curl up !  You know you’re doing a good job at kissing when you can feel your partners’ hard-on pressed up against you or when you feel the dampness on her panties !


Have you ever tried to give someone an Eskimo or Butterfly Kiss ?  An Eskimo kiss is when you rub your noses back and forth against each other.  Seriously, the real life Eskimos do this !  If you haven’t tried a Butterfly kiss, all you have to do is get close to them so the tips of your eyelashes are touching theirs (or touching their cheeks) and then then blink very fast so your eyelashes flutter together like butterfly wings.  What about an Australian kiss ?  Confused ? It’s a French Kiss but down-under i.e. cunnilingus ! (see you learn something new all the time)

kissing 2

What’s the best and / or worst kiss you have had ?  I met this amazing young man in London and  we spent almost 3 hours just kissing on a bench at 2 a.m. It was hot, erotic, sexy :  our eyes closed, heads tilted against each other, bodies pressed together, hands roving all over each other; and left us both craving for each others’ mouths. We couldn’t keep our lips off each other. We both ended up with aching, slightly swollen lips the next day. That’s my favourite type of kiss. Full of passion and desire.


When was the last time you kissed like it was your first time ? Do you remember your first kiss ?  Any tips on how to make your partner swoon from a kiss ?


Diva’s Tips :

  • Kiss Slowly.  Kiss Deeply.  Kiss Passionately. 
  • Don’t forget to kiss your partner whilst you’re having sex.  It’s down right intimate !!
  • Take some initiative and kiss your partner when (and where) they least expect it ! It’ll keep the sparks going
  • Do NOT slobber all over your partners face !! Too much salvia is NOT cool !