W for Wet

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wetOkay so I was pretty damn stumped for W; and I really didn’t want to use ‘wanking’ because I’ve already talked about ‘masturbation’ earlier. 

Fact :  if a woman is turned on – her vagina gets wet – which tends to leave the men hornier and wanting more.

Fact : if a man is turned on – other than the obvious bulge in his pants – he will be wet at the tip of his cock (that’s pre-cum for you)

Hence I’m going with wet. 


There are some obvious (and not so obvious) ways to turn both sexes on.  The sight of a woman in his favourite t-shirt / shirt and nothing else on, making her way to give him a blowjob for no apparent reason – is a good enough reason to get him wet and hard !   Waking up your woman with a bit of morning cunnilingus is definitely going to get her juices flowing. 


Get Touchy

If the above is too-in-your-face; you could opt to be subtle and offer to rub his / her body down.  Think about it – your bodies grazing against each other, feeling your partners breath against your back and neck … a simple massage just turned into an adulterated sensual romp in the sack !  Bonus move : work on your massage skills and add some vanilla candles to add to the mood and you’re set !


It’s All About The Words

We’ve all talked to our partners about sex … but how often do we really ‘talk’ to them about it ??  Do a little bit of ground work and bring out the thesaurus ‘cos you’ve got to learn at least 10 creative ways to say vagina, penis, and buttocks tonight.   There’s a HUGE difference between saying ‘I want to bang you’ and ‘I can’t wait to fuck you with my mouth until you beg me to be inside you’ !!   


If you’re too shy to actually say anything out loud – then I suggest you work on your saucy texts and naughty emails !  Guys, how would you react if you got this message :  ‘I can’t wait to run my tongue over your cock when you get home.  Enjoy your day’  ! wet 2

There’s something rather racy about sending a cheeky email to your partner – the anticipation of how they react is definitely a trigger to your own level of horniness !  Basically, if you play on words correctly, your partner will be ready – wet and waiting – before you even touch them !


So – what makes you wet and wild ?


Diva’s Tips

  • Find out your partners favourite scent and use that to set the mood. 
  • Don’t forget about Kissing !! Walk up to your partner and kiss them as if for the very first time … keep it soft, slow, gentle, use your tongue, tug lightly on their lips, run your hands over their body and through their hair … a great kiss is gonna get your partner worked up and wanting more !