F for Foreplay

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foreplay 2I cannot begin to stress the importance of foreplay.  Every woman will agree with me.  The larger percentage of men will also nod their heads in agreement; but that percentile of men who don’t think foreplay is important – WTF are you thinking ???


On the surface the importance of foreplay seems obvious, but many guys in their excitement greatly underestimate just how important it can be.  Guys, you may not realize this, but foreplay is the difference between ‘sex’ and ‘having great sex with a mind blowing orgasm’ !  Unfortunately there’s no instruction manual and there’s no right or wrong way of turning your partner.  Every woman (and man) has their own individual turn-on erogenous zones.  What works on one doesn’t always work on another. 


Foreplay is all about kissing, stroking, nibbling and teasing the erogenous zones. Take the time to set the mood – think along the lines of aroma candles or dim lighting, some soft music. Personally I love giving and receiving massages and there’s something about getting a massage from a partner that’s quite a turn on !! I had one ex give me an ‘ice cream massage’ .. the combination of cold ice cream and my partners mouth (yes he ‘ate’ it off me as apart of the massage) was incredibly HOT !   Don’t Rush It.  Women take longer than men to get stimulated so take your time pleasuring your partner.  Needless to say that ‘going down’ on a woman is going to turn her on !  By putting in the hard work early on in the session, you may find that she reaches orgasm more easily during penetration. 


Ladies, other than a blowjob, what else turns your man on ? What does he enjoy during foreplay ? Some men enjoy having their nipples being nibbled on; others love the feel of your nails grazing the sides of their torso.  I know some guys who have confessed to enjoying having their anus and perineum stroked.   For all the gents reading this, what gets you off during foreplay ?


Foreplay is the perfect time to spend understanding what your partner likes because without that, let’s face it - you will never learn what he or she really needs to be stimulated !  Don't be shy; ask for feedback and also give your own. Both partners benefit from good communication during foreplay.  If you’re too shy or embarrassed to vocalize what you enjoy, guide your partners hands / mouth in that direction.  A simple ‘that’s it’ will encourage your partner to continue doing whatever they are doing.


What’s your favourite part about foreplay ? Do you have any disaster stories to share ? At university, I went out with this guy, extremely good looking, quite ‘the catch’ but I had to break up with him – his idea of foreplay and sex was all of 15 minutes and THAT doesn’t work for me !!


Diva’s Tips :

  • Before getting him / her in the bedroom … Talk Dirty .. Over the phone or by text .. let your partner know that you’re into them and want to do all sorts of naughtiness !
  • Remove their clothes .. Slowly !!  Tease them.  Make them beg to have their clothes off
  • Don’t go straight for the jackpot i.e oral sex !