Y for Yes !

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yes-wass1One of the best three letter words that forms our vocabulary.  In context and keeping with the A to Z challenge ; I’ve chosen this word to highlight a few things when it comes to consenting to being with someone and having sex with them.


We’ve said ‘yes’ to a first date and a drink; a ‘yes’ to that feather like kiss that makes us want more; there’s a yes when we agree to go back to their place.   From then on, whether we actually say it out loud or not when it comes to consenting to sex -  there is a ‘yes’ there.  With every touch that is welcomed – that’s a yes.  With every item of clothing that comes off – there’s a yes there.  When you are being kissed like you’ve never been kissed before – there’s a yes there.  And that oh-so-amazing YES when you start to feel your toes curl and every part of your body tighten up … and before you know it – you are silently (or very vocally) screaming Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! as a blissful orgasm takes over you. 


The sure-fire way of having an amazing time in bed is to let yourself go and to communicate with your partner.  Men and women get turned on knowing that their partner is turned on and enjoying themselves.  I’ve never known a partner to back down when I’ve consented with a breathless ‘yes’ .. in fact – the more you say yes (and tell them what you want them to do), the more eager your partner is to follow instructions which will eventually lead you to nirvana !  So don’t hold back on the moaning, biting, scratching and, asking for what you want … especially if you want to be screaming yes ! yes ! yes ! at the end of it all !


Diva’s Tips

  • Pay attention to your partners body language and any verbal clues so as to ensure they are 100% satisfied
  • Consensual sex is the best sex.  Yes means yes.  No means No.