M for Masturbation

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MASTURBATING“An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” … The British National Health Service announced  in one of their brochures last year.  If you aren’t having sex every day to achieve the Big-O – the only other way is to masturbate.


Some people think of masturbation as taboo.   We’ve all done it at some point in time – during puberty, when we were horny teens, and as adults with (and without) our partners.  Men are very open about masturbating – and we all know they do it; women on the other hand are open and able to talk about sex more than men …. except when it comes to masturbation. 


Going Solo

Let me put it like this : every person is different, which means it takes a bit of trial and error with a new partner to figure out what works for both of you to achieve an orgasm.  And this is where masturbation comes in.  Your body is your temple and you are the master of your temple.  If you know what makes your body tick and what really stimulates you – you can in turn share that with your partner to ensure that you hit the Big O each and every time.


Ladies, if you haven’t masturbated as yet or are weary about admitting that you enjoy some solo action – stop thinking like that !!  If you don’t own a mini-vibrator (those things are smaller than a lipstick and super discreet) just go out there and get one !  Most of my girlfriends own a mini-vibrator or a ‘clit-kit’. I received one for Christmas a few years ago and trust me, no complains there ! Put aside some time for an evening of solo pleasure; dim the lights, get the scented candles out and just explore your own body.  Experiment and you'll be surprised by the sexy sensations you can provoke

Double The Pleasuremasturbation

Now that you’ve mastered the art of giving yourself a solo orgasm why not involve your partner ?  Seriously which hot-blooded man will say ‘sorry hunny, I don’t want you to pleasure yourself’ ?  Exactly !  It’s no surprise that men find it extremely erotic to watch their partner masturbate – either during foreplay and / or during intercourse.  Think of masturbation as foreplay and you’re on to a winner here.

Guys, a bit of subtle domination may result in a visual feast for you ! Next time you’re with your partner – why not tell her that you want her to touch her ‘hot spots’ and you’ll return the favour with your lips and tongue.  If you think she won’t respond to a direct verbal communication - you can always guide her hand down to her clit and rest yours over hers whilst you are busy exploring the rest of her – and tell her you want her to show you how she wants to be touched.  Ladies take a bit of initiative and give yourself a bit of a helping hand while your man is going about his business of making you writhe away under him ! Seriously he’s going Love IT !


So what are your thoughts about masturbation ? Do you masturbate ? How often ? Ladies – do you consider it taboo ? Do you own a vibrator ? If you don’t – just go out there and get yourself one .. it’ll be fun !


Diva’s Tips

  • Ladies if you are going solo – set the mood, turn your phone off, lie back and let your fingers explore !
  • Guys – all I have to say to you is – always encourage your partner to show you exactly how she wants to be touched … you’ll be in for a treat !
  • Don’t forget to use some lube to enhance the pleasure !