E for Erotica

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erotica_labelI’m a very descriptive and visual person.  I’ve found that written words, expressive words, words supported with an image are enough to get my imagination running.  And that’s why I’ve chosen to write about Erotica as part of my A to Z of Sex blog challenge.   I love to read and discovered Erotica a few years ago.  A few years ago, thanks to my blogger friend Nando, I participated in an Erotica writing competition and actually WON ! I couldn’t believe it myself until I saw my post published on Empire Labs.   In 2011 I wrote a guest post for one of my favourite blogs, ‘MetAnotherFrog’ titled ‘Long Distance Lust’ and that was my second attempt at writing erotica. 


The world of Erotica is just something else.  Erotica does tend to appeal more to women and is often written by women for women; even though there are of course both male and female readers and writers.   The writing is so descriptive, it’s almost as if the writer is including you as part of the experience and writing just for you.  The words combine their fictional world with your real world; teasing your mind and body – those perfectly selected words and phrases chosen just to arouse you.


If you haven’t ever read any erotica then I recommend you head over to Literotica and read whatever catches your fancy.   You can find stories that fit into many categories and many themes. You’ll find stories of love and passion,  domination and submission, role playing,  supernatural erotica and much more.  Erotica ranges from mild to wild from vanilla sex to BDSM and much more.  You can even find entire sections dedicated to anal sex, paranormal erotica, and sci-fi erotica! There’s something for everyone and it is so much more than just porn.  I’m sure majority of the women would agree with me on this.  [Seriously porn doesn’t really appeal to women]


Incorporate some erotica into your love life and see what kind of difference it makes !  And if you’re too shy to do that – why not work up your sexual appetite by having a read of some very saucy tales and act them out in the bedroom.  Your partner will be excited by your new found enthusiasm =P


What are your thoughts about Erotica ? Have you read any erotica ? Do you enjoy any particular genre of erotica ? Have you ever thought about writing any erotica ?


Diva’s Tips

  • Send your partner a saucy email or text message; you’d be surprised at how they react to it
  • Erotica doesn’t mean you have to write a short story or a series of stories .. it’s about being able to sexually express yourself in as little or as many words as you want
  • Read some erotica – it’ll help you discover your own personal quirks and fantasies