J for Jealousy

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jealousyI must admit – it was hard finding a sexy word with J.  I asked a few of my friends what word I could use with J for the A to Z Challenge and here’s what I got :  jacking off; juicy; just kidding and jealousy.   I’ve decided to go with the word ‘Jealousy’ for this post.


Men and women have this tendency to get jealous which actually stems from insecurity.  I want to smack the men and women who get jealous of attention that their partner receives and then turn the situation around to blame them for their own insecurities.  If you are confident about yourself and your sexuality – you are less likely to ever be jealous.  I’m not a jealous person in a relationship.  My partner can talk to whoever he wants, go out with the boys (and girls), go out on insane bachelor weekends – it doesn’t bother me.  An ex once asked me if it bothered me that women hit on him and my honest answer was ‘No – because you’re coming home with me’.  There’s this power in knowing that I’m with an attractive man that other women want to be with. 


I’ve come to realize that there are two parts to jealously.  There’s insecure jealousy which I’m not a fan off.  There’s also the kind of jealousy that is almost erotic and leaves you feeling hot and horny.  Sometimes a little bit of subtle ‘jealousy’ (for lack of a better word) works for both partners.  Let me explain.  I love to dance and an ex had two left feet.  He would watch me dance with different men at clubs and by the time we got home, I knew I was in for a fabulous night of sex !  It was almost as if the dancing was foreplay for him and whilst he admitted it bothered him slightly to watch me grind to hip-hop tunes – it also turned him on because it made him want me more (have never understood why men think like this but what the hell, as long as they don’t freak out right ?)


I’ve made it a point to inform men who are interested in me and whom I am interested in that jealousy doesn’t go down well with me.  I take it as a compliment wjealoushen women find my partner to be attractive enough to want to flirt with.  I think a man should think the same way and appreciate that they are lucky to be that person.  A confident man or woman won’t get jealous.  If their partner was being overtly touchy-feely with someone else or ‘trying too hard’ to get other peoples attention  - then they would just walk away cos that’s what boys and girls do; not men and women. 


So what about you - what makes you jealous?  Are you a jealous person in a relationship ?  Have you ever tried to make your partner jealous ? 


Diva’s Tips

  • Jealousy is a dangerous game – don’t play it if you aren’t ready for the repercussions !
  • Subtle flirting when you are vying for a man or woman's attention is different to groping another man or woman in front of your partner !!
  • DO NOT go out of your way to make your partner jealous.  That’s just asking for trouble !