A for Anal

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anal-sex-square-w352Ok so I’m sure I could have come up with any other ‘A’ related word but Anal Sex is really the first that comes to mind ! 


If you’ve never had anal sex before – it can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming.  But honestly, it’s not so bad (nor as painful) as some may make it out to seem.  The key to enjoying anal sex is to take it slow, use loads and loads of lube and that both of you have to be very turned on !!  If it’s your very first time, let your man get you warmed up with foreplay, then slowly  tease and massage the outer rim of the opening with his finger (and tongue) and once you’re ready (and you’ll know when you are), have him slip his finger in, only as far as is comfortable.  I cannot stress enough that you need to be relaxed and use plenty of lubricant !


Now that you’re ass has been deflowered; when you’re ready for the next level - the most comfortable position would be doing the deed in the missionary position; with your legs raised.  Trust me, it doesn’t hurt that way !


Guys love anal – they all want to do it to you even if they don’t ask you for it.  Ladies, if you’ve been weary of trying this – why not consider surprising him over a special occasion ? Gentleman, never force or pressurize your partner into something.  Just think about how you would feel if someone was trying to insert something into your butt !  Go easy on your partner and focus on the foreplay – use your fingers, your mouth and your tongue (not just on her clit and vagina but on her ass too) and if you’re doing it right – you’ll see her arching towards you and that’s your green signal right there !


I’ve always maintained the ‘if you can do it to me, I can do it to you’ rule in the bedroom (and outside).  And I have yet to meet a guy who doesn’t enjoy the favour being reciprocated on him !!  Ladies, work your tongue down his perineum to his ass while you are wanking him off and he’s gonna be in 7th heaven !


What has your experience with the ‘A-word’ been ? Good ? Bad ? Never want to do it again ? For the pros out there – any tips to make the experience more pleasurable ? Do share any other ‘A’ words related to sex in the comments.


Diva’s Tips:

  • Don’t just assume your partner is okay with this; TALK about it !
  • Lube, lube and more lube !
  • Go slow, it’s not a race