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Sex-PositionsPosition.  Position.  Position.   The acrobatics involved with the Kamasutra can sometimes distract you from experiencing the sensations building up to an amazing orgasm by making you focus on how to contort yourself into a not-so-comfy position !  If only it were that easy to re-enact all the Kamasutra positions !  Whilst I’m all game for the twisting and bending that goes with sex (it can be a better workout than at the gym) – sometimes you just need to know what moves will give you the best orgasm.  The key to mind-blowing, knee bucking orgasms is to keep it simple and focus on a position that works for you !  



Based on past experience – and from what seems to work for the majority of women I know – the girl-on-top tends to be sure way of achieving an orgasm.  Ladies, you get to control the pace and depth of thrusting; and both you and your partner have easy access to your clitoris !  If you’re feeling brazen, do a 180 and pull a reverse-cowgirl on him (especially if he is an ass man)  Bonus Move :  instead of straddling him, put your feet flat between his legs – the tighter fit will make the sensations more intense !


Legs On Shoulders

Not as hard as it sounds and it works wonders for me so I have to share this.   The woman lies on her back, with the man kneeling towards her.  While he’s gliding in to you, hook your legs onto his shoulders.  Bonus move – tilt your body upwards if you really want to hit your G-spot deeper !  Be warned, stretch your legs out before this ‘cos you will be left sore otherwise.    Master the moves here.


For Those That Want MORE

GoodToKnow.co.uk has got a fab list of Top 40 Sex Positions with some great pictures, so you can get an idea of what you're supposed to be doing and a full explanationposition of how to tackle each sex position with a difficulty rating and fun rating so you know exactly what you're getting into - just click through to a more in depth article if you want more info on any position.


What’s your favourite sex position ? What is the most difficult one that you have tried ?  How many have you tried ?  How many positions do you go through in one night of passion ?

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