O for Orgasm

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Orgasm-inc-006Orgasms.  *deep sigh*


In order to achieve a mind blowing orgasm, you have to train your body to be orgasmic; and for that you have to masturbate.  Seriously, if you don’t know what turns you on – how do you expect your partner to know what works for you ?  Instead of spending hours on trial and error (even though that can also be a lot of fun) – you can speed up the process by taking some initiative and letting your partner know that he / she is on the right track by ‘telling them’ what feels great (or for the shy ones, start with some pleasurable moaning)


Orgasms For Her

It’s harder for women to achieve an orgasm – so guys, please take your time with your partner.  Talk them through it – and for the love of God, if your partner is squirming, with shaky legs, and thrusting herself towards you – DO NOT STOP – STAY ON COURSE !   Women need A LOT of foreplay to get their minds and bodies relaxed.  And no, 10 minutes does not count as foreplay unless your face is buried in her vagina and you are lapping away at her clit and labia like a possessed demon who’s only goal is for her to cum all over your face.  Yes I’m talking about cunnilingus; going down on her; eating her out – you get the drift.


I’ve mentioned this before and I stand my ground on t his :  a woman can have a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm.   By focusing on giving her BOTH a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm you will be sending her to nirvana ‘cos that my friends is a G-Spot Orgasm !


Orgasms For Him

Ladies – did you know that the Male G-spot is found in the anus.  Yes that’s right – the anus.  Men love anal sex with you – BUT giving him a bit of anal stimulation will result in him having an explosive orgasm.   Note : some men will not want you to touch their anus BUT don’t let that stop you.  The next time you’re giving him a blow job, massage his testicles with one hand and run your fingers around his anus and perineum.  Keep some lube handy and apply some light pressure on  the outside of his anus; and whilst he’s busy being blown away by your mouth on his cock; allow your finger to gently slide in to his anus and massage his prostate.  He will be clenching up at this stage but keep at it.  Alternate your movements from a gentle sliding motion to a similar come hither motion (the same a guy uses to hit a woman’s G-spot) and your man will be in 7th heaven !

orgasm a day

Guys, stop cringing as you read this – trust me, you will thank me for this one day.


When was your last big orgasm ? What moves make you weak in the knees and is a sure shot way of getting you to orgasm ?  Do you enjoy orgasms more when you're alone or when you are with a partner ? 


Diva’s Tips

  • Ladies and Gents – practice your Kegel exercises every day !  Yup that’s right lads, you need to do it too !
  • Gents, encourage your partner to take the woman-on-top position – the friction of her clit against your pubic bone will drive her to a frenzy
  • Go with the flow – ride out that orgasm