D for Domination

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Domination.  We’ve all heard about this.  What comes to your mind when you think of domination ?  Do you think of leather and whips and blindfolds ? Do you imagine your partner in knee high stiletto boots telling you in no uncertain terms what she wants you to do to her else face the wrath of her whip ?  Do you think of being tied up against the bed poles (or the table or wherever) and teased until you’re begging to just cum ?


Domination is different for everyone.   Some are pros and hard-core while some of us are still quite vanilla about it.  I’ve experimented with blindfolds, handcuffs, satin scarves to tie / restrain my partner (and having been restrained myself) but I’ve never really indulged in the really painful kind of domination that one tends to imagine.  Things like spanking, being whipped with leather, nipple and pussy clamps – that’s just not me.   I rather have my hair pulled back; be ravaged by my partners mouth during cunnilingus with a blindfold on. Personally, its a turn on to see the dominant side of my partner come out when I least expect it. 


tumblr_mkoxe8ZkJq1s7g0wzo1_500If you’ve never given domination a try – you can start off with something easy.  Send your partner an email or a text telling him / her along the lines of : ‘When I see you tonight, it’s simple – I tell you what to do, and you answer ‘Yes Sir’ / ‘Yes Ma’am’ … or even a straight forward ‘You are going to get the best blowjob the minute you walk in through the door’ ..  that simple message conveys power, control and a naughty preview to what will happen later that night.  If you want to ‘be dominated’ then let your partner know that ‘your wish is my command’ or ‘tonight, I’m yours to do as you wish with’ .. simple and effective words that’s going to leave your partner hot and horny for you !


What’s your take on domination ? Do you enjoy being dominated by your partner or do you prefer to dominate and take control of your sexual encounter ? What are the boundaries that you have drawn ?  What works and doesn’t work for you ?


Diva’s Tips:

  • If you’re just starting out with domination, remember to keep a ‘safe word’ so you both know when to draw a line
  • Communicate with your partner before hand about your likes and dislikes
  • Have Fun and Don’t over-do it !!