I for Initiation

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initiationtitle‘I want you. Now.’

‘How would you like to feel my lips on your cock?’

‘Wear your sexiest dress and skip the panties tonight’


These are some some of the phrases that convey the message ‘I want to have sex with you’ and are an instant turn-on for men and women. Especially when it’s thrown in there when the other person least expects it – it can turn out to be a bit of an erotic surprise for them ! The phrases are also quite blunt, which taps into racy fantasies that most men & women have about raw, spontaneous, animalistic sex.


There was a time when men almost always initiated sex. Today that’s not the case any more. Women are getting more comfortable with their sexuality and are taking the reins (literally).  For all the shy women out there, just remember that men want to be pursued by their partners just as much as women do.  I’ve been known to initiate sex in my past relationships.  It’s not always as easy as I’d like it to be. Sometimes it’s a bit nerve wrecking but hell that’s what the fun is about right. Thankfully my advances have never been rejected because that would be a slight blow to my ego.   BUT having said that, there’s nothing wrong if your partner doesn’t want to have sex.  Don't take it personally.  There are many reasons your partner isn't in the mood that have absolutely nothing to do with you.  Maybe they’ve had a hard day at work; family pressure; she might be getting her period and feeling bloated.  See none of these have anything to do with you – so stop worrying.


Here’s the thing about initiation and taking the initiative – you have to try it to know what tickles your partners fancy and makes them horny.  Nothing screams ‘FREEORGASM-DRSEXtake me off’ like new lingerie. So ladies, why not wait for your man in a new teddy and watch his pupils dilate and cock salute you. Gents, have you got your partner any lingerie before ? What about sex toys ? I took an ex to a Sex-Expo in London and he encouraged me to buy a vibrator which soon became a favourite in the bedroom.


Are you an initiator ? Do you wish your partner would initiate more ? Have you ever been shot down for initiating sex ?

Diva’s Tips :

  • If you’re too shy to vocalize your thoughts in front of your partner; just send them a slightly naughty text message
  • If your partner tends to initiate sex; take the reigns and tell them what you want to have done to you ! Trust me, your partner will be glad to oblige
  • Initiation could be as simple as leaving some cheeky love coupons for your partner to find (one of my personal favourites)