L for Lube

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lubeIf you don’t already have a flavoured lube tucked away in your bedside drawer, GO OUT AND GET ONE NOW ! Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of lube to your romping sessions.  It can be a lot of fun and add some spice to foreplay and enhance your sex life.  If you have never lubed up, you should try it!


Face The Facts

No matter how horny and wet a woman gets; it’s never going to be ‘as wet as with lube’.   Marathon sex sessions can cause a woman to dry out and results in sex being very uncomfortable for both partners.  The friction from a mans’ cock against a not-so-lubricated vagina can cause some chaffing for the man and vaginal tears for the woman.  This is why lube was invented (ok so I don’t know the real reason but this has to be one of the reasons!)  The extra lubrication boosts the sensations down under for a woman and allows men to thrust away for a longer time without causing women any discomfort.  It also allows both partners to maintain a steady rhythm (which what most women need to climax) AND allows for some new positions thanks to the added lubrication.


Know Your Lubes

There are different types of lubes.  Water-based lubes feel more natural and are less gooey and sticky; whilst silicone ones are longer lasting and water resistance – which means they are great for sex in shower.  If you are ‘literally’ looking to heat things up – then I would recommend my personal favourite, the Durex Play Warming lubes which warms up the skin in addition to the sexy slippery sensations !   A friend recommend Durex Quiver which is essentially ‘freezable lube cubes’ – free the cubes, and then use as you wish !  I haven’t used this before but am adding it to my list of things to try ! 


Durex also has a fab collection of various flavoured lubricants (strawberry, pina colada, chocolate) which are great when paired with oral sex.  Fancy a yummy 69 ?  Add a few drop of favourite flavoured lube on each other beforehand and enjoy your dessert !!  Gentleman, repeat after me 'The use of lube is essential for anal sex’.  Regardless of what type of lube you pick, just be sure to keep it nearby so you don't have to stop and hunt for it.Lube


According to sex expert Dr Laura Berman, there are some rules that we should all remember.  “If you are using a sex toy made out of silicone, do not use a silicone-based lubricant. When using condoms, always use a water-based lubricant to prevent the condom from breaking. Avoid oil-based lubricants, as well as products like baby oil and Vaseline."


Have you lubed up as yet ? What lube would you recommend trying out ? Any tips that you care to share ?


Diva’s Tips:

  • Spread a warming lube on your mans’ balls, lightly massage them while giving him a blow job. 
  • Add a drop or two inside the condom – the added sensation will feel AMAZING for him !
  • Ladies, leave a bottle of lube out for your man to find when he gets home with a note that says, "Find me ... and bring this"
  • Don’t lube the shaft of the penis up before putting a condom on.  You don’t want to risk the condom slipping off !!