U for U-Spot

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u spotBy now you would have all heard about the holy grail called the ‘G-Spot’.   BUT did you know that there also exists another super sensitive pleasure spot in a woman’s body called the U-Spot ?  (I swear I’m not making this up!)


The U-spot is basically a tiny patch of sensitive tissues located above and on either side of the urethral opening.  When the U-spot is gently stimulated by the tongue, the finger, or the tip of the penis it produces an unexpectedly powerful response.    I didn’t know this either – and it’s only recently been discovered by clinical research workers. 


Guys there are 3 ways of stimulating the U-Spot :  your fingers; your tongue and your penis.  Chances are that every time you have gone down on your woman, you would have inadvertently hit her U-spot.  Now that you know of it’s existence make it a point to find this spot during foreplay and see what kind of explosive results it gets you.   If you do this right lads, she’s in for a combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm !


Ladies, do you know where your U-spot is ?  We have all given ourselves a helping hand during sex; the next time why not discover your U-spot and show your partner exactly how you would like to be teased into a blissful orgasm !  I’m pretty sure your man will be an eager student ! uspot


So for all those reading, did you know about the existence of the U-spot ? Have you discovered it on yourself / on your partner ? If you haven’t already found the U-spot …. what are you waiting for … dare your partner to find it the next time you indulge in a sensual game of truth & dare.   Bliss for both of you !


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