T for Tease

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tease pleaseIf you haven’t already mastered this - foreplay is about teasing and stretching out the experience of sex so as to make things more intense and satisfying—for both of you.  Men and women enjoy being sexually teased – the anticipation of what could be leads to explosive sex and a mind blowing orgasm.


Outside The Bedroom

Compliment your partner on their attire or their hair.  Lightly graze your fingers against their jaw, cheeks, or down their arm.  I like to slip my hand into my partners back pocket and give a light tap or a squeeze whilst looking them directly in the eye.  It’s subtle, cheeky and just a tad naughty. 


If you're out together at a party or bar, send him or her an explicit text message that hints at what you'd like to do to them later.  If you are out dancing, make it a point to grind up against your partner.  Guys let her feel you hard for her.  Girls, you know your man loves your ass so shake that booty against him.  Ladies, if you’re feeling a bit brazen, lose the panties on a night out and tell him you’re not wearing any.  Just knowing that, will have your partner aching to get you alone.

Inside the Bedroom

Focus on kissing your partner.  Kiss them on the neck, the ears, leave a trail of kisses down their back or sides.  Kiss them everywhere except their sweet spots.  Leave them wanting more.   Take the initiative and be a little dominant.  Lay your partner on the bed whilst you are kissing them, grab their hands and put them above their head.  If they struggle, pin them down by the arms.  Use the weight of one arm to keep them down, use the other hand to run your fingers over the rest of their body. 


Guys, even when your partner is spread-eagled to welcome your cock into her – take your time and make your woman beg for it.   Only allow the tip of your penis to rub against her vagina.  If she doesn’t start grinding herself against you – I will change my name !  When you reckon that she can’t take it anymore,  let only the tip of your penis enter her, and thrust in and out … SLOWLY.   By taking things slowly, you will heighten the anticipation and it will cause both of you to experience a range of new senses that will drive you both wild with desire. tease 1


Do you have any other foreplay (physical or psychological) tips you’d like to share ?  How do you enjoy being teased ? 

Diva’s Tips

  • Look but don’t touch.  Masturbating for your partner not only gets the blood flowing to all the right parts – but it drives them nuts that they aren’t able to touch you themselves !
  • Slow and steady makes you an ultimate lover !  Spend at least 30 minutes teasing your partner for best results
  • Did you know that ‘Tantalolagnia’ is a term used to describe feeling sexually aroused when being teased