X for X-Rated

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x ratedI’m not talking about porn here ! I’m referring to the X-Rated sex position that you can use in bed with your partner.   [Ok fine, just to make you happy, you can throw in some x-rated porn in there for good measure]


Seriously though, the X-rated position is all about control – the woman’s control.  If you haven’t already tried this position, have your man lie face-up on the bed; turn around reverse cow-girl style and straddle him and then slowly lower yourself onto his penis.  Now here’s the tricky bit; you need to extend your legs back towards his shoulders and relax your body onto the bed between his feet.  With both your legs and your man’s forming an X-shape, start to slide up and down. Use his feet for added thrusting leverage.xrated

Diva’s bonus move

Start this session off with a 69, neither of you is going to say no to a blowjob or some cunnilingus and he will won’t know what’s hit him when you switch over to this X-rated position.  Your man will love the fact that you’re being dominant and taking charge of your own orgasm (and he gets a birds-eye view of your ass) !!! More brownie points to this position because it not only hits your G-spot but also stimulates your U-spot as well !! 


Have you tried this position before ? 


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