N for Naked

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nakedAdmit it – you though I was going to go with Nymphomaniac right ??  Honestly, I almost did but after a bit of asking around – I got some help from a very hot man in London for this post.  As much we enjoy the (occasional) fully clothed quickie – there’s something much more erotic about getting naked with your partner.  A bit of a no-brainer here. 


Other than the obvious fact that one is practically guaranteed to have sex once your clothes are off – I thought of something else which I wanted to share and perhaps make you think a little bit more about.  There is a huge element of ‘Trust’ when you shed your clothes with someone (especially someone new).  You’re indirectly letting this person know that you trust them enough to get naked with them.   You trust them when you are at your most vulnerable state.  Seriously some of the sex positions are not exactly flattering for anyone – no matter how damn fit you are !!  [Side Note : it’s a bit different when you’re hooking up with a random person who’s made you hot and horny – but you do in a way also trust that random person to give you a fab night]


When was the last time you gave yourself a once-over in the mirror fully naked ?? If you haven’t done that recently – please go do that right now and GET USED TO IT !!  It’s your body and you should like the way you look when you’re naked – ‘cos eventually you’re gonna have to get naked to have sex.   When you know what you look like – the good and the few flaws we all have – you’re going to end up being more comfortable when you’re in bed (or in the living room or kitchen) with your partner.  I know women who are soooo paranoid about the way they look in bed – they always have the lights off with their partner. 


My assumption is that we all want to have mind-blowing sex that results in knee-buckling orgasms.  Right ?? So in order for that to happen you have to be super confident about yourself and your body.  You don’t want to be that person who always wants to ‘do it’ in the dark and never in the day (your partner might get a tad worried).  The moment you are comfortable with your naked body, you are accepting and liking yourself the way you are – flaws and all.  And THAT is confidence.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how comfortable are you being naked in front of your partner with the lights on ??  Do you let your partner check you out in the morning once the curtains are drawn or do you cover yourself up ??   So I dare you – strip yourself right now [okay not at work but at home]; go stand tall and proud and naked in front of a mirror for a while.   Do this once a week until you naked 3are comfortable walking around your room naked after a shower.  Once you can do that – having sex with the lights on will be a piece of cake.  And when you do go ahead and have sex with the lights on – reward yourself (and your partner) with a piece of cake !


Diva’s Tips

  • Set the mood.  If you have a dimmer feature on your lights – use it the next time you’re with your partner instead of turning the lights of completely
  • Guys – remember to compliment your partner so that she is more comfortable getting naked in the light with you (women are self-conscious creatures and we all have body parts that we hate)
  • Ladies, notice how men are comfortable strutting their stuff in front of you ??  You can do it tooooo !!!
  • Play a game of strip poker together with candles.  It’s fun, it’ll be sexy, and you’ll be naked with (some) lights !