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sex_games_bookThere’s a point in any relationship where sex is a given; the foreplay is just a cursory formality before getting down to the deed.   It’s not always with the same zest and romance when you first started out BUT that’s okay and all you need is some sugar & spice (and some initiative) to keep the love and passion alive.


I’m the kind of person who gets bored quite easily so I tend to incorporate fun elements inside and outside the bedroom when in any relationship.  Sure, sex is meant to be hot and passionate … but what good is any of that if you can’t have fun at the same time ?  You need to be able to get some giggles in too !   If you haven’t tried any sex(y) games with your partner as yet – then you must give it a shot.   Tease your partner, have fun with them and you’ll see how easy it can be to turn a lazy afternoon into a day of fun, games and sex that both of you will love.


For me games just add to the spice of it all.  Some men (and women) may take offence to the fact that you’re suggesting ‘spicing’ up things so they may feel that they aren’t satisfying you but you need to assure your partner that it’s not the case and the games are to add some variety to your already fabulous sex life !  My personal favourite which doesn’t cause any offence whatsoever is ‘glow in the dark sex dice’.  They are fun, easy to store and seriously why would you not want to suck your partners nipples or nibble on their thighs !!  


I’ve also found that ‘sex coupons’ or ‘love coupons’ work like a charm.  Simple straight forward instructions which both of you can enjoy !  [and you can customize them and make them on your own].  I remember seeing Kamasutra cards for couples and those are perfect if you want to try out new positions with your partner


A friend recommends playing ‘strip poker’ with your partner.   The rule is that each of you only get to wear 6 pieces of clothing and with each hand; the loser removes a piece of clothing.  Once you’re both naked, you can play poker for sexual favours.  Guys – lose the socks when you lose a round – don’t leave it for later !    If you fancy yourself to be a bit more daring – why not suggest role-play to your partner ?  Something easy like being strangers at a hotel bar which ends up with the two of you making out in the elevators before calling for champagne in the hotel room.  sex games 3


I believe that games always help to add a little extra oomph to a relationship - it's up to you to find out which game works best for both of you !   What about you ?  Have you tried any sex games with your partner ? Any personal favourites ? 


Diva’s Tips

  • Use a satin scarf as a blind fold and trace words onto your partners back and ask them to guess the words or phrases.  Spell out what you want your partner to do to you.  If they guess right – they get to do that to you; if they guess wrong – you get to tell them to do whatever you want.  Win-Win both ways ! 
  • Grab a bottle of wine and play ‘I Never’.   Both of you take turns in stating something you have never done before and then proceed to show the other how it’s done.  Hint:  Make it slightly provocative and sexual.   e.g I’ve never had sex in the kitchen  /  I’ve never been given a blowjob at work / I’ve never been spanked / I’ve never seduced a nurse … You get the drift !
  • Get inspired with some sex coupons here