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QuickieThe best thing about a quickie is that it can happen anytime, anywhere and it’s always pretty hot !!   Impromptu sex in a discreet yet public place such as an empty office conference room; the back of your car in a parking lot; the bathroom of a friends house during a dinner party; at a club – all of these add an element of danger to the entire experience.  The thought of getting caught adds to the thrill of the naughtiness of it all.  [and guys, a quickie is the ONLY time when you don’t need to focus on foreplay !]


Back in university, I was dating this guy who lived in the same building as me.  One night he came over to drop off a few things and I was waiting at the elevator with him – when the next thing I know – he’s pulled me into the elevator, back me up against a corner, started kissing me and unzipping himself all at the same time.   He was just so damn dominating that it was HOT ! Good thing I lived in a high rise ‘cos he hit the 26th floor (I lived on the 18th) and then hit the ground floor .. luckily we were pretty much done because we did get caught on the 5th floor ! Slightly mortifying (so glad he was tall ‘cos I couldn’t be seen) but he had his jeans dropped down to the floor and flashed his boxers to those who happened to be waiting for the elevator !


A few years later, an ex and I had planned a big night out which involved a lot of dancing.  On the way back to the hotel – all the kissing and teasing just got a bit too much.  We ended up doing it in walk-in self service room.  We walked out of there just before one of the other guests made his way to get ice from there.  


What about morning quickies ?  Those can be so much fun !  A quick romp in the sack before work is definitely going to add a bounce to your day !  Men and women tend to be at their horniest early in the morning (think well before work hours) and you can use that to your advantage !  Would you wake your lover up for a quickie?


For those of you that are married with kids; or with new-borns – a quickie is just the thing you need to keep the temperature rising between the two of you !

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When’s the last time you had a quickie ?  Have you ever been caught ?  The most daring quickie ?  Let me in on your secrets on how to make every second of a quickie count!


Diva’s Tips :

  • Ladies, take some initiative and show up at your mans’ office wearing a short skirt and ask him to meet you in a conference room / stairwell. 
  • Guys, get her hot and horny by talking dirty to her the whole time. 
  • Don’t worry about undressing ! Just focus on ‘I need you right here, right now’ !
  • It’s all about the ‘position’ .. so go for the moves that will drive your partner over the edge ! It could be doggy style; or standing up with the woman’s back against the wall and wrapped around his legs
  • Guys, most importantly, don’t make it a habit !! Unadulterated sex is fun but if you keep going for the quickie – your woman is going to get bored and just not reciprocate !