The Diva's Dating Diary

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – but haven’t quite gotten around to it .. but now that I’ve done it, might as well share it.

Ever since I moved to Bombay, it just feels like my dating mojo has gone down the drain.  All the guys I meet have some sort of issues and I don’t think I have ever been single for so long in a city ! When I mention the word ‘dating’ – people look at me funny with an expression that says ‘dating ? what’s that ?

The planner in me has put together a little table comprising of all the dates / non-date dates that I have been on over the past 4 years (and honestly this kind of depresses me because if I was anywhere else in the world, I’d probably be in some sort of relationship by now)

Diva Dating Diary

As you can see – I’ve had a few men come my way during my stint here in the city but seriously, dating is not easy especially in Bombay ! There are layers of complexity behind any ‘relationships’ but the concept behind dating here is harder than trying to learn an alien language !

Dating is hard enough as it is – but then to have people SMS / BBM you for a date ? Jeeeeeez grow up already ! Have we lost our nerves to technology ? (that’s a whole different post altogether).

The list about pretty much covers all sorts of guys that have approached me or attempted to pursue something but somewhere along the line their game was totally off !

Anyway, you can read more about my dating escapades over the coming weeks.  I’m pretty sure you will crack up over some of the stories and also might want to smack some of the guys .. Luckily these ‘dates’ haven’t really put me off dating (as yet), and as my girl TheSingleFilez says, ‘You Gotta Be In It To Win, Right ?’