10 Day YOU Challenge. 8 Fears.

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fear (2)I’ve decided to take part in a blog challenge as mentioned previously, where I am going to write 10 posts in 10 days. Today is Day 3 and I’m about to share my worst fears with you !

1/ Losing my parents.  The thought alone makes me tear up and I don’t even know how to imagine a life without them.  It doesn’t matter I’ve lived away from them for years – but to not be able to speak to them or see them again – the thought kills me.

2/ Losing my Memory. I’ve always prided myself on being able to keep track of things far and beyond; my Mum says I have this uncanny ability to remember the randomest of dates and comes to me when she can’t recall something.

3/ A slow painful death.  We are all going to die one day and I’m cool with that.  I just want it to be quick and done with ! The idea of a slow and drawn out death is not only painful but it would hurt my loved ones and I rather not see that happen.  I’ve actually said to a friend of mine & my mom, if that were the case – just pull the plug on me.

4/ Not being able to give my children the life that I have had.  Everyone wants to give their kids a better life if not the same life they have had.  It would eat me up if I wasn’t able to give my kids (when I have them) the life I’ve had (and thinking about it makes me realize I really should save more for that to be able to happen !)

5/ Being a burden to my loved ones.  I know one day I might not be able to do all the things I do for myself on a regular basis.  I’m gonna hope that never happens.  I’d hate to be dependent on someone for my day-to-day needs.  This also holds true for being incapacitated.  The thought of not having any functioning body parts (hands, legs, brain) gives me the shivers and would pose to be a burden for those around me.

6/ Losing all my teeth. I know it’s gonna happen someday but I actually get nightmares of my teeth falling (actually crumbling) in my mouth !! It’s given me many sleepless nights.

7/ Cockroaches. I’m a chicken shit when it comes to cockroaches. I know they can’t do much to me but just looking at them gives me the creeps.  Anything that can live without its head for 9 days needs to be feared !

8/ Losing everything stored on my various Hard Drives.  That is enough to give me a nervous break down !! I have everything from my school work, university papers, photographs (this is the most important of them all), work related documents, music, fav TV shows, fav movies etc stored on my HDs.  It would drive me nuts if I lost any of this – especially the photographs.  We live in a technology driven world and I have no hard copies of anything anymore !

10 day you challenge

That’s my list of fears for you – now it’s time to share yours.  Feel free to list them out in the comments or share the link to your own blog post on the subject.