Tickets Please !

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ticketsignsIt seems like all my FB friends who live in Dubai, California and New York are all traveling and their itineraries make me want to join them too ! (or at least wish there were some proper concert stadiums in Bombay)

One of my newly married couple friends’ have purchased Shania Twain Tickets in Vegas and will be spending their Xmas holidays between slot machines, and Black Jack.  Throw in the concert and they are pretty set for a week long holiday.  If only my ex who offered to hook me up with a flight to Vegas wants to go during Xmas and not next month ! (and no, I wouldn’t be going for the Shania concert – I just want to go to Vegas!)

Another married couple based in California have scored Pepe Aguilar Tickets for this weekend!  They did ask me if I wanted to join them, and whilst the thought is great – the flight to Cali would cost me an arm & a leg.  I guess I’ll just have to work in Goa with my client this weekend and attempt to be there in spirit with my friends.  If you don’t know of Pepe Aguilar, then do check him out. He’s a 9 time Grammy nominee. 

If that’s not enough – my younger cousins are all off to the US for a holiday and have got  Allstate Arena tickets for the Katy Perry show next week.  (Fine it’s not like I would go to watch Katy Perry but the point is it’s the Allstate Arena!)

Over the weekend I had a chat with a sports-addict buddy of mine who lives in Toronto – he’s headed over to NY in October because he won New York Rangers Tickets at Madison Square Garden ! (ironically he’s going to be watching Toronto Maple Leafs vs New York Rangers).  He also mentioned to me that his crew has already purchased SEC Football Championship tickets for December and a group of 25 of them would all be heading out there !

I used to love going for live sports when I lived in London and Montreal – I quite miss that ! The only ‘live’ sport in Bombay is cricket and I’m not really a fan.  Been here 4 years now (actually 3 years 11 months) and still not gone to see live match at any of the stadiums; despite one of the big ones being within 7 minutes from my house !

What was the last concert or live sporting event that you attended ? Where was it ? Do share your experiences – at least it’ll help me plan and add to my future vacations !