10 Day YOU Challenge. 5 Foods

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bread heartNow this is going to be hard considering I’m a self-proclaimed dessert lover and not even remotely close to being a foodie ! Oh and I’m a vegetarian as well !

I’m going to try to go with cuisine here just so that it sounds like I have a more exotic food palate – although I’m tempted just to write dessert for all items on my list !

1/ Italian.  Pizza, pastas and risottos.  I’m a huge fan of Italian food and more so ‘cos my boy Luci (pronounced Lu-chi) really spoiled me on my trips to Italy.  I like my pizza as a plain margarita (extra cheese if you will); a nice mix sauce (or pink sauce) pasta (spaghetti, fettuccini, penne) is always comforting; and a mushroom risotto is the best meal when you want to fill-up the tummy !  Oh, and lets not mozzarella & tomato salad (especially fresh Buffalo mozzarella) ! yum yum yum !

2/ Middle Eastern.  I grew up in Dubai – need I say more ? From falafel wraps, humus & pita bread, tabouleh, lebneh, couscous, rice wrapped in vine leaves – I could live off Middle Eastern cuisine.  My absolute favourite item of food to eat is the Cheese Manaeesh from Al Reef Bakery in Dubai.  It’s a must have every time I visit there.  My bestie Nat introduced me to Burekas when visiting Israel and I find them to be divine !

3/ Japanese.  Ok as a vegetarian it’s a bit hard to really enjoy Japanese food but I love all things ‘maki’ (which is the veg sushi rolls) and Golden Tofu with peanut sauce ! I became a fan after eating at Bento Cafe in London – I just checked the menu out and now craving some Japanese food ! Ohhh bring on the Avocado & Cucumber maki rolls, and some Gyoza whilst we are on the subject !  Oh God I want to move back to London right now !

4/ Indian.  The Punjabi in me loves authentic parathas with yogurt, dal makhani, paneer makhani (only during the day ‘cos I get migraines if I eat it at night).  I do quite South Indian food such as dosas (confession I eat ‘cheese dosas’), idli and curd rice – and I really enjoyed eating off a banana leaf !! Then I like eating some really specific Rajesthani dishes courtesy of my maternal grandma.  But I can’t eat Indian food on a daily basis – it’s just way too heavy for my system !

5/ I don’t know what the 5th type of food would be.  Would any type of eggs be considered valid ? Or can I just put ‘breakfast foods’ ? That could pass for a type of cuisine right ? Or maybe if I have to pick a cuisine I’ll go with Chinese (specifically veg fried rice, dim sums, crispy seaweed with plum sauce)

Like I’ve mentioned before I’m really not much of a foodie at all – so it’s actually quite hard to pin point foods that I like to eat (and having said that – it has to be as authentic as possible otherwise I’m not eating it!)

If I had to pick 5 foods I couldn’t live without then it would have to be :

  1. Potato
  2. Eggs
  3. Bread
  4. Pasta
  5. Fruit

Finally this challenge is done – probably the hardest for me to actually do ! Why isn’t there a dessert list on this challenge ?? (note to self – must change that!)

What about you guys ? What' are your favourite foods / cuisine ? Have you got any preferences or are you a foodie by nature ? What are your top 5 foods that you couldn’t do without ? and your top 5 favourite cuisines to eat ?  Share your thoughts in the comments or put up your link to your own post !

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