10 Day YOU Challenge. 2 Songs

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I knew there was a reason I started the #MusicMonday meme – so that if I ever had to short list my favourite songs then I could ! That’s how I came about with The Diva’s Top 40 Tunes !

Since I have to pick 2 songs, they would be:

David Guetta – The World Is Mine

A must have tune for any CD / playlist that I make.  Something about the beat and tune just make me ‘feel it’

Michael Jackson – Bad

The man is a truly the KING of POP ! I couldn’t pick between Bad, Beat It or Thriller so I’ve just gone with Bad. (and ‘cos I used to have this particular poster – 6ft x 3ft - in my room back in the day!)

Now it’s your turn folks – what are the 2 songs that immediately come to mind as you read this ? Leave them in the comments so we can all expand our musical tastes.