Are You Happy ?

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are you happy

Sounds like a simple question right ? Yes or No answer ? What about ‘Yes but …’ or ‘Yes, maybe’  ?

I’ve had this info-graphic for a while now and been meaning to post it, but was never meant to really ‘add’ any thoughts to it .. I was just going to leave it as it is … And just as I decided to hit the publish button, I thought to myself ‘it’s not as simple as a yes or a no’ …

Overall I’m happy .. as happy as I can be given the current circumstances that I am in.  I’d like to change a few things to be ‘happier’ but that’s where the dilemma comes about.  Some of the things I’d like to change involve drastic steps – which I don’t have a problem doing but the pros and cons are balancing out thus making it harder to make a decision on how to go forward with things.

Whilst I ponder over that – let me ask you – are you happy ? Or have you ever found yourself at that cross road where you are happy but could be heading for ‘happier’ ? I’d love to know what kind of thoughts / images went through your mind when you first saw the info-graphic.