10 Day YOU Challenge. 6 Places

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Places I would like to visitAs you all know, I'm taking part in this blog challenge, where I am going to write 10 posts in 10 days.  It’s Day 5 and I’m pretty chuffed that I got through the last few days without any delays.

Now that you already know my secrets, my loves & list of fears (don’t hold it against me) and my wants, it’s time to spill the beans on the 6 places I want to visit (I’m assuming they mean places I want to visit)

1/ Hawaii … beautiful beaches, beautiful people, volcanoes and sharks – who doesn’t want to go there ?

2/ South America … Hot men, hot women, salsa dancing, the rain forests, the parties ! oh and I know this might sound nuts – but I’m kinda hoping when I do visit – I get to spot an anaconda !

3/ Africa … given my fascination with wildlife, Africa is definitely a place on my bucket list.  Two friends recently went out there and the photographs they have are just unbelievable ! I would love to be able to watch the migration in Masai Mara (and I really want to just be able to spend time getting close to the big cats !)

4/ Leh & Ladakh … Ever since I moved to India, I have wanted to go and visit this picturesque mountain region – but alas opportunity seems to pass me by.  I’m hoping that before I leave the country I get to visit here.

5/ Central & Eastern Europe … I’ve done most of Southern Europe but there are still so many more places to explore ! My cousin moved to Russia for a year but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go and visit her – so I’m hoping maybe in the next few years I get to go.

6/ Actually I want to visit every country on the map. I love to travel, and love exploring new locations – so perhaps a world tour would be perfect for me.

10 day you challenge

Have you been to any of the above places ? Do you have any suggestions of what other locations I should add to my ‘Places to Visit’ list ? What about you – what are the Top 6 places (countries / cities) that you would want to visit ?