10 Day YOU Challenge. 9 Loves

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I’ve decided to take part in a blog challenge as mentioned previously, where I am going to write 10 posts in 10 days. Today is Day 2 and I’m about to share all the things that top my love list  !

1/ Dessert.  To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement.  I would rather have dessert all day than have an actual meal.  I would pick chocolate mousse over a cheesy pizza (and then eat the pizza after but you get my drift).  It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures !

2/ Photography.  I am a self proclaimed cameraholic.  I’m permanently attached to my camera.  My friends get often get fed up of my constant need to capture all moments; but afterwards they end up appreciating it.  We only live once, and if I want to capture all the things I want to look back – then so be it.  I already have 8000 pictures from January till present date.  My record high has been 18,000 in 2009.

3/ Water. Doesn’t matter if it is in the pool, sea, river, a lake, a small creek or even a waterfall -  I am an out and out water baby, true to my sign – Aquarian.  Water in any form fascinates me.  I can spend hours floating on my back in the pool, watching the sky and losing myself in my thoughts.  There’s something so soothing about listening to water flow.  For those of you who haven’t been to Rishikesh then you must go and camp out by the river !

4/ Massages & Spa Treatments.  I absolutely love getting massages.  Who doesn’t right ? Alas, it appears that I end up giving more massages than I am getting in return.  I must change that.  Having said that I’ve just booked a chocolate massage for myself (see I really can’t resist dessert in any form) and can’t wait for that divine experience !

5/ Nature. From lush green landscapes, to desert terrains, sunsets and night skies.  I love to watch the sunset whenever I can, especially over water or between mountains.  I love watching clouds and discovering a pattern, object or animal in cloud formations.

6/ Wildlife.  I’m an animal person, and have always been enamoured by wildlife.  Something about them draws me to them and their natural beauty (especially the big cat family) takes my breath away.  I would love to spend 6 months or a year out in the wild just being around the various wildlife and have my camera on hand to capture moments that I might never be able to see again (without the help of Nat Geo or Animal Planet).  This particular advert gives me goose bumps ‘It’s In Our Nature’ – so do check it out when you get a chance.

7/ Dogs.  I grew up with a German Shepherd & a Doberman.  At university I got myself another Shepherd.  I’ve always been surrounded by dogs.  After my dogs passed away, I haven’t had any pets and feel like something is missing.  I can’t wait to get a dog again !

8/ My Family & Friends.  Admit it – you were wondering when this would show up on my list of loves hehe  Mine is a small house – parents, younger sis & bro and only about 30 odd cousins (including their spouses) and 20 nieces & nephews (and that’s just my Dads’ side of the family!) My Friends are my lifeline and support system.  Without them life would be dull and predictable.  I know of women who envy me on seeing just how dashingly suave my boys are ! And my girls – Dee, Nomiswamii, Nat, NC, Vixen, Goldie, NB – they deserve a whole post dedicated to them if not more !

9/ My Life.  Yes, I love my life.  Everything about it.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world – growing up, university, work, and for pleasure; a family that cares about me; friends that mean the world to me; a flourishing business of my own.  I’ve had my ups and downs like any other person, and fortunately I’ve kept my feet firmly planted in the ground to stop me from sinking into a bottomless pit-hole or from getting to far above myself.  Damn right I love my life !

10 day you challenge

That’s my list of loves for you – now it’s time to share yours.  Feel free to list them out in the comments or share the link to your own blog post on the subject.