Matching The Bride & Groom's Wedding Attire

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Everyone watches with anticipation to see what gown, veil, and wedding jewelry the bride will be wearing when she makes her appearance at the back of the church. The same level of interest is not really there for what the groom is wearing, but that does not mean that his outfit is unimportant.

After all, the bride and groom will be seen together all throughout the wedding and in the photographs for eternity. Get some easy tips on matching the bride and groom's wedding attire to make sure that the newlyweds look picture perfect matching outfitstogether.

When we talk about matching the bride and groom's attire, what that really means is that their general style is complementary. This is a fairly easy task. Most brides have a strong sense of what image their wedding dress and accessories convey.

One bride might declare that her gown is the ultimate in simple elegance, while another bride has chosen the perfect dress for a romantic garden wedding. Some brides might go for drama in their attire and custom wedding jewelry, while others prefer a retro feeling. When the bride can define the general style of what she plans to wear, that concept can then be applied to the groom's suit or tuxedo.

Let's say for instance that the bride will be wearingnauticalguys a tailored white silk Mikado wedding dress with a pearl tin cup necklace for an outdoor wedding at yacht club. The ideal attire for the groom at this style of wedding would be a classic navy blue suit. He can pick up the wedding colours with a tie that pulls them into his outfit.

In keeping with the crisp style of the bridal gown and the location, a small nautical motif on the tie like anchors or compasses would be a wonderful little detail. The groom can choose a shirt in a classic colour like pale blue or a pastel pink or yellow to complete his outfit.

1950's inspired wedding dresses have been very popular recently. When the bride's attire is inspired by a particular era, the groom should do his best to tie into that. So if the wedding is formal, he can choose a shawl collar tuxedo or one with a white dinner jacket rather than a modern tux. An easy way to see what the common wedding fashions were from a particular time period is to look at vintage cake toppers from that decade. If the bride is going for more of a funky retro '50s vibe, the groom can opt for a slim fitting suit with a slender tie. Add a tie bar for a great period detail. If your fiancé is up for it, he can even wear a hat.

When the bride's dress is very modern or cutting edge, the groom should follow suit (pun intended!). Any suit can be given a more unique character by choosing a shirt in an unexpected colour like deep aubergine or cobalt blue. Just don't choose boutonnairesa colourful suit, or you might bring to mind the dreaded powder blue tuxedos of the 1970s! A sleek cut suit will be the most contemporary looking. Add a modern touch by wearing a creative boutonniere. Instead of a traditional rose, go for something more unusual like a succulent or a whimsical boutonniere made from found objects.

Naturally a theme wedding calls for the groom to match the theme. So if you are having a Goth wedding, he should wear a black suit (and maybe a skull and crossbones tie!), or a linen suit for a beach wedding, and so on. When the bride and groom take care to coordinate their attire, they will look absolutely flawless together.

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