10 Day YOU Challenge. 10 Secrets.

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I’ve decided to take part in a blog challenge as mentioned previously, where I am going to write 10 posts in 10 days.  Today is Day 1 and I’m going to reveal 10 Secrets.

10 Secrets About Me.

1/ I am a social butterfly; who is just as happy to stay in the cocoon.  I can quite reserved, stay-to-myself when left outside of a social ambiance.  My mother says I’m the most anti-social social person she has ever met (or social yet asocial person as my mate PK puts it)

2/ It kills me that I don’t have a better relationship with my father.  I try to talk to him but there’s really nothing to talk about.  Maybe that’s the problem.  We’ve spent so long not talking – neither knows how to actually start talking.

3/ Sometimes I feel like I have disappointed my father.  He doesn’t need to say it.  It comes off in his approach to me.  He would have been happier if I was a banker or worked the conventional corporate role.

4/ I used to be super shy to dance in front of a crowd / group until the age of 17.  Now I’m a true diva on the dance floor. 

5/ I used to sing in the school choir and did a lot of solo stuff too.  Then I graduated high school and went to university.  Now I almost get stage-fright if you ask me to crank on the karaoke.  A few Vodka Redbulls help the anxiety.

6/ I never attended my university graduation.  I had flown from London to Montreal to attend; but I got snowed in due to a storm.  I hung out with my boys Kimo & JA the whole day at Kimo’s flat. (they were gonna attend the ceremony with me)

7/ I’m scared of Fish.  Yup lil’ fishes.  I would probably fly out of the water if a fish swam near me.  I banged my head against a catamaran in Mauritius when my mate HA threw breadcrumbs over me whilst I was snorkelling.  I was practically attacked by a school of yellow & black striped fish ! And don’t even get me started on my reaction to the fish spa treatment I had in Thailand !

8/ I want to go diving with sharks and whales.  Yes I know I just said I am scared of fish (the little ones) – not the cool ones like sharks and whales.  I almost swam with a humpback whale in Mauritius but since my clients were on board – I had to be responsible and sit back.

9/ I can be an extremely emotionally detached from people; especially if they have f*cked me off.  I am able to shut everything out and go on as if ‘this new way’ is the norm.  Are you the type that can forgive ? forget ? or just f*ck it ?

10/ It’s really hard to share secrets !  There are still some things which I could have shared but I couldn’t do it.  I know you guys won’t think much of it – but its still difficult for me.  I keep a lot of things to myself; I even have conversations in my mind if I think it’s too much to do with someone else.

There you have it folks – 10 of my secrets.  Now it’s YOUR turn ! What’s your secret ? Feel free to share your secrets in the comments or share the link to your secret post.

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