10 Day YOU Challenge. 7 Wants

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i wantI’ve decided to take part in a blog challenge as mentioned previously, where I am going to write 10 posts in 10 days. Today is Day 4 and I’m about to share all the things that top my ‘want’ list !

1/ My own dream home.  Who doesn’t want this right ? I’ve always thought of having a house on the beach since I love the water.  My aunt has a gorgeous place on the Palms in Dubai – I’d kill to have a place over there !  If not a house, then a very modern apartment in a high rise with great views; lots of rooms so all my friends & family have a place to crash; a swimming pool and a walk-in wardrobe to put all my clothes, sandals & bags !

2/ Luxury Sports Car.  I love Mercedes as a brand.  My first car was a CLK 230 and I can’t wait to own another Merc – the new AMG has caught my fancy ! Otherwise a Porche, Lamborghini or Maserati would do just fine. 

3/ My own night club.  I don’t know where it’s going to be but I want it and I’m going to get it ! (in an ideal world – I’d own a few night clubs actually in different parts of the world)

4/ A puppy.  I absolutely love dogs especially German Shepherds & Dobermans ! I haven’t gotten a puppy over the last 4 years as I wasn’t sure how long I was going to  sooner than later, it doesn’t make sense to get one here.  I’m definitely gonna get one once I find a city / country to settle down in.

5/ To travel the World.  I love traveling, and there are so many places that I have yet to discover.  I would love to be able to take a year or two off and just go traveling around !

6/ To be successful in whatever I do.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for years now and whilst everything is great – there’s always scope for improvement.  I know my hard work and dedication will pay off – so there’s nothing wrong in wanting it right.

7/ I want a magic lamp with my own personal genie who grants me 3 wishes every day for the rest of my life ! Hell I might as well throw it out in the universe and hope for the best right ?

10 day you challenge

That’s my ‘want list’  – now it’s time to share yours.  Feel free to list them out in the comments or share the link to your own blog post on the subject.