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He shook his head impatiently, “No, it’s not working.”

She didn’t utter a word. It only irritated him.

“Dam woman, you’re after my blood now? Look what you have done.” He showed her a scar.

“I’m going to get you.”

He swayed his jittery hand. She was too fast for him.

“You think will get away with this?Illustration_Tantrums You made my life miserable. It’s no fun to sleep on this bed anymore.”

She blinked.

He snarled.

And then he thumped hard on the bed, held her in his fist and grinned, “Gotcha!”

Another bed bug looked on from the corner.



Abhra Pal is a software engineer based in Kolkata.  He loves to write fiction, and some of his works in Bengali have been published.  His blog ‘The First Book … I Ever Started Writing’ features pieces of flash fiction, poetry, and some great sketches.  Follow Abhra on Twitter.